Sunday, May 5, 2013

May Currently

I linked up with Oh Boy 4th grade  on my May Currently.

Listening:  My son was not feeling well, so he's laying on the couch watching Spongebob Squarepants.  I have to admit, I do enjoy some of the episodes...others can be disgusting!

Loving:  With the weather getting warmer, I have been able to run outside.  I have decided that I do enjoy running outside much better than on a treadmill.  I'm hoping to get a lot of runs in this summer.

Thinking:  Time is running out this school year.  I have so much to do...2nd grade visit on Tuesday, getting ready to go back in time to the 1800's on Friday, so I have to demodernize my classroom.  Field trip to a one room school house and Celebration of the Learning and Arts next week  Celebration is when our students share their portfolios and artwork with their families...portfolios that I need to get started on.  DRA's, class placements, all of my end of the year paperwork...ARGH!  My eye is twitching as I type!

Wanting:  We purchased a Mac!  It should arrive on Friday.  I don't want to use my school computer for personal stuff or my husbands work computer...and our desktop is TOOO BIG to sit on my lap in the living room while I watch TV and do my work.  LOL!  I can't tell you all how excited I am.  I've wanted a new computer for a very long time.

Needing:  I NEED the nice weather.  I NEED my windows open.  I NEED to hear the birds chirping.  I NEED to smell grills.  I HATE being cold! 
Summer Bucket List:  My kids.  I want to spend time enjoying the summer with them.  Going to the park, having picnics, going swimming...etc...  Creating and adding to TpT.  My store is still in the beginning stages.  I can't wait to be planning for next year and add to my store.  Lastly...relaxing!  Our summer is super short!  We end on June 6th and go back August 5th.  I want to relax!

I've been trying very hard to post new items to my store at least once a week.  I created a book study for the Whipping Boy.  I have a group reading this book and I'm so excited to have them work through the different pieces. 

This is all I have for tonight.  Thanks for reading!  Enjoy your night!


  1. Stopped by from Farley and wanted to say hi. I just started following too. Jana

  2. Found you from the linky! Congrats on your new Mac purchase - you won't regret it! I absolutely am in love with mine and you're right, it's so much better when you can work on your lap :)

    Love, Live, and Teach

  3. HI...found you at Farley's...

    I think the eye-twitching might be catchy because mine starts when I think of the end of the year paperwork, too!

    Great blog :)

    Flamingos and Butterflies

  4. Found you on the blog hop and just started following you. Very cute page:) Keep up the good work! Joe and Allie Teach

  5. I can totally relate to your summer bucket list! Thanks for stopping by my math link!