Monday, August 12, 2013

Back to school Blog hop AND giveaway!

Well, it's that time again to head back to school.  I start back on Monday, with the kids showing up on Wednesday.  I'm looking forward to seeing their excited little faces, but I always feel a bit nervous meeting them as well.

These are my tips that have helped me make it through Back To School.

1.  Save your plastic bags.  I can't tell you how many times students ask me for bags.  They need them for their wet boots, projects, you name it.  They especially came in handy the last day of school.  I only regret that I did not refill them through the year.  So, I save them up during the summer.  I take an old Kleenex box and decorate it.  I used Monster duct tape last year and kept all my bags in there.

2.  I study my class list names.  They don't have pictures attached, but I like to know their names before I see their faces.  That way, I only have to attach a name (that I already learned) to the face.  It's much easier for me to remember them.  It's so funny how attached I am to these kids before I even see their darling little faces.  :)

3.  I like to over plan!  I need to make sure that there is no dead time in those first few days.

4.  My goal is to stay organized this year!  I want to start the year off right.  I want to use my computer calendar to keep track of dates and deadlines.  I also want to make sure that I am teaching all the new common core standards and have proof of it, if necessary.  That's why I created my Common Core Writing and Editing checklists.
Common Core Writing and Editing Checklists

These checklists are for both the students to use and the teacher.  It has the standards laid out for grades 2-5 (some K-1).  This will allow the teacher to easily see which skills their students are lacking, on track for, or advanced in.  It also has some good peer editing forms and goal setting forms for your students.  Lucky for you, this item is going to be given away for FREE to one lucky winner!  Click on the button to enter Laurah J's giveaway!  There will be 2 winners!  The grand prize winner will win a prize worth $122 in Teacher Pay Teacher products, an awesome pencil sharpener and a Blog design (if that's what you choose).  The 2nd prize has a value of $88!

Check out the other blogs listed below to see what awesome products they are giving away!  Don't forget to click on the top button to enter the giveaway!  Happy Hopping!

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